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Home » Safety & Security » Advanced Defence » SH461 Rapid Fog High Capacity Generator

SH461 Rapid Fog High Capacity Generator

Rapid Fog High Capacity Generator

  • Fill the gap that your current security system cannot deliver
  • Round-the-Clock security solution
  • Immediate response to break-ins
  • Easy integration with your current system


This Rapid Fog model is a technically very advanced high capacity unit, designed to quickly cover areas up to about 150 m2 per unit.

Performance Features

Rapid Fog can be fully integrated with your existing security systems and works hand in hand with motion sensors, glass break detectors and door contacts. It can also be easily activated with any access control or digital keypad and an emergency button switch. Because Rapid has a built in receiver it can also be controlled manually with any wireless remote activation device. So whether it is day or night, you can be sure that the Rapid Fog Security System will be there to give instant defense to your valuables, property and even to individuals.

The system has a very comprehensive monitoring of all its features. Should a fault be detected, a customer friendly display will light up and an electronic signal will be sent to the alarm system. It monitors the volume of liquid left, tamper, ready/not ready, fuses and temperature.

Design Features

Rapid Fog installation will be independent from any existing alarm system. Rapid sensor and control board will be used. As accessories this can be extended with siren and/or dialers. The Rapid Fog can also be connected directly to an existing alarm system, with or without a verification sensor.

Note: For users with a smaller scale can use our Rapid Fog which covers up to 50m2 in 45sec per unit.

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