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SH5 Elan VIA's Touch Screens

Elan VIA's Touch Screens

  • High-contrast, 6.4" color LCD display
  • Slimline profile (1/4" surface depth)
  • Available in 7 finishes (White, Ivory, Almond, Black, Brown, Brass, Chrome)
  • Touch-sensitive overlay
  • Composite video input and loop out
  • Selectable graphic motifs
  • Optional IR receiver for in-wall unit
  • Steel enclosure provides component protection and easy retrofit
  • Memory protected from power loss
  • Compatible with virtually any system that utilizies IR or RS232 for control


The award-winning VIA! graphical user interface is a full-color, easy-to-program LCD touch panel that can be used to control up to 20 audio/video components and whole-house systems such as lighting, temperature and security. VIA! is also a high-quality color monitor that allows you to view video sources such as cable TV, satellite TV and closed circuit TV cameras.

Performance Features

In addition to great graphics…get live video. Select and view news and sports programming…even movies. Access to any CCTV camera is as simple as a touch. The picture quality is astounding and control is easier than using a remote. With the VIA! Touch Panel, you’re not just limited to control of A/V systems and components. VIA! Controller Modules can interface all the touch panels in your home to any number of RS232 or IR subsystems. You can control lighting for every area of the home or arm/disarm the security system from any panel. Adjust a digital thermostat on the screen, enjoy total climate control.

One of the features of VIA! is its CD-ROM drive allows you to record CD’s at up to four times normal speed, and you can even listen to previously recorded music during the recording process, and there are more such acts that VIA does in the field of home automation, security, lighting, temperature etc.

Design Features

With its large display area, the VIA! affords you control without clutter. by ELAN No buttons or switches to press or toggle. The ultra-thin profile and simple fascia design convey a luxurious look that is subtle and unassuming. The high-resolution 6.4" Liquid Crystal Display provides remarkable functionality. With VIA!, the wall clutter of multiple switches, keypads, knobs and controls goes away.

With seven different trim plates and over 70 selectable screen motifs, each panel can be designed to match the decor of any room. Trim plates are available in White, Ivory, Almond, Black, Brown, Brass and Chrome.

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