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SH114 Weatherproof Omnidirectional Speaker

Weatherproof Omnidirectional Speaker Digitcom Standard. They are unique in use, doubling, tripling or even quadrupling the effective use of standard mono-directional speakers.

SH115 Omni Directional Outdoor Speaker

Omni Directional Outdoor Speaker
They are designed attractively to be placed any where outside your home, fulfilling the purpose of producing sound and beauty.

SH116 Outdoor Rock Speakers

Outdoor Rock Speakers Digitcom Standard. Enjoy tunes in the tranquility of your garden or patio without spoiling the landscaping

SH244 Float Switch

Float Switch Digitcom Standard. Automatically Control Pumps or Valves As Water Levels Rise or Fall

SH291 Mighty Mister Igloo Cooler

Mighty Mister Igloo Cooler Mighty Mister with a 12" Fan and an Igloo Cooler upholding 115 Volts is idol for beating outside heat

SH292 Way Cool Spot Cooler

Way Cool Spot Cooler The WayCool unique design dramatically outperforms all other portable evaporative coolers, with greater cool air output, smaller size, lower cost and better looks.

SH293 Misting Systems

Misting Systems Turn down the heat with a collection of simple nozzles and hoses without any electricity or external batteries.

SH304 Devil 340 Infrared Heater

Devil 340 Infrared Heater 340V Infrared Heater, warms the air around you just as required

SH305 Light Ceramic Heater

Light Ceramic Heater Three heat levels, Built in tilt switch. No moving parts. Suitable for commercial or domestic use.

SH348 RoboMower

Automatic Lawn Mower Automatic Lawn Mower Cuts Your Grass While You Relax

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